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The Systems Workshop Pvt Ltd (TSW) is a Subsidiary of South Asian Technologies Pvt Ltd (SAT) Sri Lanka.  

TSW was registered & initiated it’s operation in Maldives in the month of November, of Year 2014. The the objective of setting up the TSW Operation is to provide best-of-breed IT solutions for businesses in the range of Small Medium Enterprise to Large Enterprise with Wide variety of ICT  Challenges. Our Operation is structured in a manner where we address customer needs though our valued reseller partner network where we’ve being positioned as a Value-Added Distributor in Maldives IT Market.

We specialize in Cyber Security, Data Protection, Cloud Computing, Connectivity, Banking Solutions, Server & Storage Infrastructure and many other technology domains. 

Along with our Local Staff and South Asian Technologies Staff in Sri Lanka we architect Solutions to perfectly match the customer’s needs. Any Solutions to surve it’s purpose, needs to be married with quality Products. Our Product Portfolio comprises World’s best of its kind. This enables us to provide the anticipated outcome seamlessly and easily. At the same time our competent Solutions Architects make sure that the proposed solutions are in-line with industry standards & best-practices. Last but not least when it comes to the Implementation & support we align our Technical Services Team. Our highly Qualified Technical Services Team delivers the Final Product to customer fast and professionally. They will also make sure the Customer is properly trained on the Day-to-Day admin work to keep the solution healthy. We don’t believe that once the Project is handed over to customer our scope ends. Our Technical Services Team will collaborate with customer schedule periodic health checks, evaluation of new requirements, changes in the environment, etc. Based on the out come we recommend the upgrades, updates, changes, etc need to be done in order to keep the systems healthy. This will enable the Systems to run with no or minimum down time thought the operation life cycle.     

Over the past 5+ Years we have worked with many Organization such as Government Agencies, Banks, Financial Services Companies, Resorts, Hotels & SMEs to enhance their offerings to their customers. With the overwhelming positive responses we get from our customers & partners we believe that we have ushered Maldives IT sector into a new dimension.  

The Systems Workshop, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Server & Storage
The Systems Workshop, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Server & Storage


South Asian Technologies Ltd. is a Private Limited Liability Company registered in Sri Lanka for the purpose of Distribution of ICT Products has been operating since 10th March 2009. SAT has operations in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Maldives and works with a partner network of over 150 companies.

SAT is the master distributors of leading ICT brands such as Check Point, McAfee, Carbon Black, Commvault, Stratus, Barracuda, Help Systems, Vision Solutions and much more.

SAT is also the Marketing Partner of Risk Business, Mysis – Core Banking, Quantum Data Engines – Anti Money Laundering, FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), Fraud Management System, Aqua Global Solutions – e2gen, Manticore – IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and a key business partner for IBM.

SAT believes that the success of any product in a market place depends entirely on how well the product is distributed.

Our vission

  • To be the most valued ICT Distribution Partner in Maldives
  • To be a trusted entity in strategic ICT projects
  • To be able to bring value to our stakeholders through our expertise
The Systems Workshop, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Server & Storage
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Our Mission

  • Partner with Best-of-Breed IT Vendors
  • Hire & Retain Best Employees
  • Work with Partners who share our same passion for excellence
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